My interests and hobbies

I was born and raised in the San Diego, California area, and I still have never gone surfing.

I pole-vaulted in High School. My personal record was 10 feet 6 inches, which is average. At the same point in my life, I started learning American Sign Language from my two older sisters. Inbetween homework assignments, I learned to program in Basic and Assembly for the Texas Instruments calculators.

I currently attend Brigham Young University (Provo), where I am majoring in Computer Science. My most recent hobby is programming for Windows Mobile on my Cingular 3125 --- that, and dating.

My family and I love to play board games. Some favorites are "Bang!", RoboRally, The Farming Game, Carcassonne ... and anything really. I also like to dance (Cha Cha, Swing, Waltz) and cook, among other things.