Personal experiences with programming

Rip Roarin' RC (Click here to download)

I was enrolled in a "capstone project" class, Fall of 2007, which was divided into 4 teams. Each team developed a different computer program: one for genealogy, one to analyze chromosomes, one to determine if a computer program has errors, and our team's task was to make a race car video game. Each task was pre-determined by the professor that was in charge of the team. There was a demo day at the end of the semester and our team got 2nd place!

WinTI (No download available ... yet)

In High School I started making a windows-style shell, in Assembly for the TI-83 Plus, that would network more than 2 calculators together (using a hub system and networking protocal that I designed), manage a directory-structured file system, run WinTI specific applications, show a desktop, have a start menu, and more.